Starting to Snow

Winter is here and it is starting to snow. Parts of Ontario are starting to see the first flakes of the season. With significant snow with eastern parts of the province in line to receive 20-30 cm by Monday. Hopefully your drive to work will be easy, knowing that most are working from home.

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Anti-Maskers Rant

Experts agree that wearing a mask is one way to slow the spread of COVID-19 until a treatment or vaccine is discovered. Still, many people refuse to wear one, saying it’s uncomfortable or a violation of their rights, but about the rights for those who don’t want to risk getting infected. Let’s imagine this scenario. You are a teacher with 20 students in your class and you have that one student who doesn’t want to wear a mask? Her parents called the principal and said it was her legal right not to wear a mask. Because of her rights, as a teacher, have you endangered the other students?

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Can Mouthwash can kill the virus?

A new study shows that Mouthwash may be able to kill COVID19 within 30 seconds of exposure. 0.07% of ingredient cetylpyridinium chloride ‘show promising signs’ of reducing COVID-19 in saliva according to research conducted at Cardiff University. However the findings have yet to be peer-reviewed and come ahead of a 12-week clinical trial. With this new data, will stores run out of mouthwash? Will mouthwash be the next hoarding item?

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The Era of Social Media

Everyone knows that you need to use technology and social media with caution. Other than apps collecting our data, it seems that too much time scrolling through them can be harmful, especially for mental health. Social media can be known to spread a great deal of misinformation.

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That “LIKE” button

Ever since the “Like” button was introduced in social media, do you feel that the work you create online is heavily motivated towards getting as many “likes” as you can. According to a Facebook engineer, the only motivation was to “spread positivity and love in the world.” No one could have imagined that people would become deeply depressed for lack of Likes.

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New Vaccine and Trials?

BBC News reports that a coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford appears safe and trains the immune system. Trials involving around 1,077 people showed the injection led to them making antibodies and white blood cells that can fight coronavirus. Meanwhile, Ontario is searching for those eligible to get a COVID-19 antibody test through OHIP, laying out limited circumstances for its use beyond research. Do you think this may actually work?

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Tik Tok Ban

Last month, the president told reporters at the White House on Monday afternoon that his administration will take action to ban the video-sharing app unless it’s sold to a US company by September 15. It seems that Microsoft is prepared to continue discussions to explore a purchase of TikTok in the United States. A hostile takeover perhaps?

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Groceries Online

It seems that more Canadians are shopping for their groceries online, consumers and other businesses in the food supply chain may end up paying a steep price for the convenience. Walmart Canada, for instance, has shifted the cost of its e-commerce onto suppliers, charging an extra five per cent on products sold online in what appears to be setting a precedent for grocers. Do you think that added costs could ultimately lead to less variety and quality in the food supply, higher prices and a weaker Canadian food system?

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As the pandemic changes work-life, fresh challenges may lead some to question whether they’re doing a good enough job. Self-doubt can sometimes trigger an imposter syndrome. You may feel that success isn’t a product of your own abilities, although you may have proven yourself many times in your job. Don’t let it get you down, you just need to approach it differently.

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