Newspaper Scam?

Ontario’s Newspaper publishers Torstar are not the wisest of investors. Known for outsourcing work abroad, they tell customers to support the local paper. Another lost bet is hoping that their shift to on the online gaming market will pay off. They intend to launch an online casino betting brand in Ontario. They claim the revenue from the new business will help support future efforts as advertising dollars dry up. However, most agree that Torstar will use this as a cash grab funded by the govermnent under the guise of a “bail out”.

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Zoom Meetings

Some people feel that Zoom meetings and videoconferences on similar platforms can leave us drained. Nonverbal cues are harder to send and receive through video chats. Sometimes seeing yourself for extended periods of time and having limited mobility can become a source of stress. While developers look for solutions, researchers are not sure how videoconferencing apps will incorporate solutions to these problems.

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Virtual Events

With in-person gatherings restricted during the pandemic, conferences and trade shows are forced to go online. This completely changes how people connect with one another, and restricts networking opportunities. Have you participated in a virtual event or organized one? How would you make the virtual event experience feel more personal?

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Multitask During Meetings

Do you find its tempting to multitask during meetings — especially on Zoom and your camera is turned off. Corporate experts say to resist the urge. According to them not paying attention may cause productivity loss as missed details can often lead to scrambling to find them later on. Do you gave the discipline to close all your browser windows and set your phone away from you and engage with the meeting at hand?

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Morning Habits of High Performers

The most successful people in history have six essential habits to make them Awesome at Their Job. In the book The Six Morning Habits of High Performers, one of the main ideas is how silence can generate new ideas. Other theories revolve around how NOT to do affirmations, the impact of tiny amounts of exercise. It suggests how to do master simple practices, like reading and scribing, to eventually become a better version of yourself.

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Remote work forever

While most of us embraced remote work during the pandemic, many are not eager to go back to the office anytime soon. Hoping to work from home forever, may be wishful thinking. Experts anticipate most jobs will eventually return to offices, but if anything that this pandemic has taught us is, do we really need to return to the office?

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Wall Street investors versus Redditors

What started as a joke, caused Gamestop stock to reach an all-time high. In the subreddit r/wallstreetbets Reddit users were able to make the retailer’s stock soar by more than 500% this month. Experts feel that it’s a lot of kids gambling” however it’s more than that. Reddit users have cracked how simple a rigged system is, and are succeeding in exploiting it. Is it Wall Street investors versus Redditors?

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Watered Down Strategy

This winter, many parents in Ontario are concerned about their children going back to school while the pandemic continues. It doesn’t help that it has been recently revealed that Ontario has watered down its strategies to keep COVID-19 out of classrooms. Even though they sitting on 12 billion dollars, they still chose the cheapest path by choosing not to test in schools, while increasing bigger class sizes.

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Tech Withdrawal

Once life starts to return to normal from the pandemic, experts think that children will face “a period of withdrawal” from their tech screens. There is no doubt that screen time for kids has doubled since March and will keep going up as more time passes. Are you worried about your child’s screen time? Are you able to balance physical activity versus screen time as you are working remotely yourself?

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The World Watches

Two weeks after a violent and deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol encouraged and praised by the outgoing president, the world watches today as President-elect Joe Biden will officially become President of the United States. There is no doubt that the political climate has stretched to the breaking point. With the clearest threats of domestic terrorism that the U.S. has ever seen, the polarized country can heal, but the issue may be whether enough people actually want to.

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