Starting to Snow

Winter is here and it is starting to snow. Parts of Ontario are starting to see the first flakes of the season. With significant snow with eastern parts of the province in line to receive 20-30 cm by Monday. Hopefully your drive to work will be easy, knowing that most are working from home.

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Anti-Maskers Rant

Experts agree that wearing a mask is one way to slow the spread of COVID-19 until a treatment or vaccine is discovered. Still, many people refuse to wear one, saying it’s uncomfortable or a violation of their rights, but about the rights for those who don’t want to risk getting infected. Let’s imagine this scenario. You are a teacher with 20 students in your class and you have that one student who doesn’t want to wear a mask? Her parents called the principal and said it was her legal right not to wear a mask. Because of her rights, as a teacher, have you endangered the other students?

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Can Mouthwash can kill the virus?

A new study shows that Mouthwash may be able to kill COVID19 within 30 seconds of exposure. 0.07% of ingredient cetylpyridinium chloride ‘show promising signs’ of reducing COVID-19 in saliva according to research conducted at Cardiff University. However the findings have yet to be peer-reviewed and come ahead of a 12-week clinical trial. With this new data, will stores run out of mouthwash? Will mouthwash be the next hoarding item?

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Election Day

Today, voters are headed to the polls across the US for the 2020 elections. The world watches as Americans are heading to the polls to cast their ballots hoping for peace regardless of the outcome. Hopefully Fact-checks from experts are in place and results will be posted sooner than later.

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Losing every Game

Are you playing competitively with friends and find that you are losing every game? Truth may be that someone else has a strategy that you’re letting them get away with. Determine what the key to their playing style is and deny them that. Or beat them at their own game! However, if their unbeatable strategy changes game to game, they’re probably just a lot better at board games than you are.

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Winning the Game

In recent years, there was a been a surge in board games, but the current pandemic has halted gatherings with friends. Luckily for board gamers there are online versions of their favorite games. Many gamers have spent countless hours into the late night. Do you find that you are always constantly losing at these board games?

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Best Ways to Bottle Your Emotions

For some reason, you have convinced yourself to it’s best to bottle up your emotions. Why not? You have been your entire life. But even though suppressing your emotions may spare others the discomfort of having to deal with your feelings, experts think that keeping it all on the inside can cause a lot of harm. You may run the risk of exploding in a fit of rage.

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Career Risks

It seems that entire industries have been devastated by pandemic-related layoffs and changes in working conditions. Most people who have decided to have a career change have typically picked new roles where their old skills are still valid. With this calculated risk, would you consider a career change?

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