Margins of Safety

Do you have a backup or a fallback plan? Theorist call this action the Margins of sSfety plan. These are thought patterns that encourage the action plan of backups and fallbacks in case of system failure or other unplanned circumstances in your life. The concept of redundancy and margin of safety are similar, but instead of creating a backup plan of essential components, the idea of margin of safety requires having extra resources than you what you actually need and keeping them in reserve.

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Discipline is Always Tricky

As a parent, do you understand the importance of discipline? It could be detrimental to how it shapes the life of your child. For example do you tell your child It’s fine even after they misbehave? Would you rather discipline with love or with disipline? You want to make sure you don’t criticize your child too harshly, and also make sure you don’t sound too playful. Discipline is always tricky.

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Educated Individual

Are you the kind of person who is known to be referred to as a poorly educated individual. No one wants to be labelled as someone who is not intelligent. There are specific qualities that could portray you as a poorly educated individual. Be careful not to fall into one of these traps.

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Teaching Empathy

Are you the kind of parent that encourages to have empathy? It is the key way to mould your child into being a good person. We all know that empathy allows your children to imagine how another person is feeling. Parents that teach empathy between siblings, is way to build a stronger bonds between your children.

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Financial Crisis

The events of the past few years has taught us is that life very unpredictable. From the pandemic, political instability and civil protests, it’s hard to imagine that we have not experienced some kind recession already. Knowing that the recession is coming, do you think you can survive a financial crisis?

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Successful Inputs

New research has shown that to be successful you should always focus on the inputs. Inputs is defined as the activities that can make the goal happen. Any goal input can be flexible, can get bigger or smaller, and most likely can move to an entirely new direction. However your input must always stay the same. These inputs can help you accomplish anything.

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