The Downward Trend

As Ontario continues its downward trend of COVID-19 cases, attention is gradually beginning to focus on preparing for a potential second wave of the deadly virus. But it feels as though the first wave never ended. The Ontario Premier said that the province’s health officials are working on a strategy to handle a second wave should one hit the province and will release the plan “shortly.” In other words an emergency Bill in which they can sneak in their controversial policies?

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Recently the World Health Organization acknowledged that there is evidence that COVID-19 can be spread in tiny airborne particles. This review comes after hundreds of scientists urged WHO to update its guidance during the pandemic. However it seems that most people already knew the virus can spread with close contact.

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Outbreak in Bar

Unfortunately, Covid19 has hit a suburban town south of Montreal, in a place were the desease was not present. An interesting tactic used by some politicians, is open up bars, restaurants and stores due to corporate pressure and then act in shock as they blame “the youngsters” as irresponsible.

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As businesses are starting to reopen, the workforce continued to express more optimism about job security, personal finances and career outlook. It’s hard to imagine that things may go back to normal. Those working from home are truly grateful, but who really knows what the future holds.

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Regret in Investing

Regret is one of the biggest hurdles in investing. For example Telsa stocks in March was trading somewhere around $300 in March. Now those same stocks are worth over $1500! You never know what stocks will make that breakaway, but don’t feel bad, the experts don’t know either.

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Federal Debt

As a result of the country’s increased deficit spending during the pandemic Canada has reported that federal debt will exceed $1 trillion for the first time in history. While spending may have been needed to prevent a recession from turning into a depression, the question remains: How will the world dig itself out of debt? What will the world look like next year?

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Do Your Part

Everyone knows that the corona virus has spread to nearly every corner of the world. It is overwhelming health care systems, spurring economic shutdowns and disrupting daily life for billions. There is a chance we can slow the spread, however people are still opposed to following some simple rules. For example, what do you think about face masks being mandatory in shops and supermarkets?

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Sandwich Generation

The term “Sandwich Generation” typically people in their 30s and 40s, refers to working moms and dads caught in the middle of raising kids and caring for their aging parents. It seems that this generation will eventually feel immense financial and emotional strain, as we balance to take care of both kids and parents.

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