Tech Withdrawal

Once life starts to return to normal from the pandemic, experts think that children will face “a period of withdrawal” from their tech screens. There is no doubt that screen time for kids has doubled since March and will keep going up as more time passes. Are you worried about your child’s screen time? Are you able to balance physical activity versus screen time as you are working remotely yourself?

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The World Watches

Two weeks after a violent and deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol encouraged and praised by the outgoing president, the world watches today as President-elect Joe Biden will officially become President of the United States. There is no doubt that the political climate has stretched to the breaking point. With the clearest threats of domestic terrorism that the U.S. has ever seen, the polarized country can heal, but the issue may be whether enough people actually want to.

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Whatsapp Exodus

Many users are fleeing the messaging app WhatsApp after it’s announcement that it would begin sharing usage data with it’s parent company Facebook. The company has responded that it won’t reverse the policy but will only delay the update until May 2021. How do you feel about your browser and online history? Would you mind it that data was used and sold?

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Conscious Consumer

Recently there has been a shift in buying behavior which is pushing more shoppers online . Buyers are becoming more conscious and ethical. A balance of consumption benefitting both society and the environment has deepened since the start of the pandemic. Most are making changes to their lifestyles to lessen their consumerism and are careful not to purchase products manufactured by workers without rights. Is it possible to be a conscious consumer while on a budget?

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This Holiday Season

It seems that workers are bracing for a tense holiday this season, with less vacation and more responsibilities. Most people are planning to do less travelling, and a small majority are planning to take less time off compared with the same time last year. More stress is on the rise and more workers are reporting job-related stress entering the season. Do you feel more pressure this season compared to last year?

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Essential Over Worked

A recent report found that Toronto essential workers do not earn a living wage. They simply can’t afford to live Toronto. The board of trade calculates there are about 330,000 workers who are overworked just to keep up with the housing market and how expensive it is. However even those who are earning living wage are working long hours. Are you feeling drained or starting to feel fatigue due to your workload?

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Starting to Snow

Winter is here and it is starting to snow. Parts of Ontario are starting to see the first flakes of the season. With significant snow with eastern parts of the province in line to receive 20-30 cm by Monday. Hopefully your drive to work will be easy, knowing that most are working from home.

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