Your Grocery List

For most shoppers, it is not uncommon to visit many stores in a single trip. In Ontario there are three main competitors, No Frills, Food Basics, and Sobeys. As shoppers we like to compare the cost of food such bread, fruit, milk, eggs and meat to get the best deal.

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Holding Back

Do you find that you have habits that hold you back from achieving financial succes? Have you taken steps to break free from overspending and living beyond your means? Do you take time to invest in yourself and your future? The first step is to become familiar with financial literacy and personal finance.

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Public Servants Vote to Strike

In Ontario, unions representing more than 100,000 public servants may vote to walk off the job, meaning a strike could come as early as this week. Even as a worker for the government, wages fail to match high inflation rates. As corporations make record profits public sector workers ask for raises equal to the inflation rate.

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Concert Ticket Prices

As another summer begins, music fans are getting excited to attend concerts of their favorite bands. What is shocking is that at fans are not completely prepared for expensive ticket prices and complicated online sale procedures. Big artists are simply stating that they getting their fair share that would otherwise be profited by resellers. They claim that the increase in prices are driven by service fees and dynamic pricing.

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Personality Trait

Do you have the ability to deal with unexpected changes and uncertainty in a good way. Are you mentally prepared for naything that might happen? Our personality traits determine how we handle the challenges and opportunities of life. Do you handle it with ease and resilience, or go into panic and aggravation?

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Overcoming Instant Gratification

Do you ever find yourself endlessly scrolling through your phone on social media instead of working on your goals? We all know this instant gratification is damaging. It can be an unhealthy addiction that drains your dopamine levels. What are some of your strategies to overcome your addiction.

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80’s Reality

Many remember the 1980s as a time of change and excitement. It was an era where anyone had the potential to go far and the possibilities were endless. However towards the end of the decade, reality had started to settle in. What are some of trends you thought would never end?

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