So you’ve planted and organized your garden. The next step is making sure you take care of watering, staking, mulching and overall general garden care. This will ensure that it will produce great tasting, nutritious vegetables all seasons long.

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In Style

ninjha 02

Sometimes you feel like there is nothing new to wear. How do you upgrade your style? With trends coming in and out, it could be confusing what’s currently in style.

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That Negative Person


You ever had that person in your life who is always finding ways of putting you down?  That constant mud slinging, putting down attitude can drain your energy and take your patience to the limit. Eventually it can impact your mental and physical health. How do you deal with such negativity?

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How did she know?


You ever have a conversation with someone and as you’re running out of things to say, things start to become awkward? For example, how did that person know what you do in your spare time? Is that person looking at your social media posts?

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Did you know that a car is a second largest investment after a house? Obviously you’ve done your homework, figured out your budget, and zeroed in on your choice then go for a test drive. It seems simple, but it’s gets tricky trying to get the best deal.

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