Such Failures Such As


Do you feel overwhelmed and feel you can’t accomplish the simple things in life? Sometimes it’s hard to stop and take a deep breath and realize most times things are ok.

Sketch #180 of 365



Do you sometimes feel disorganized and that you possess too much clutter? Perhaps it’s time to start purging some of your belongings and limit your shopping habits. Sometimes it feels next to impossible to stay organized and still do things other than stay organized.

Sketch #179 of 365

Not sleeping


Sometimes we have a strange ideas in our understanding regarding sleep. We are amazed of those that sleep little, especially if working late. “Wow I was up until 3 am last night working! ”  It starts in college with the “all-nighter” and seems to continue in the early years of our careers. For some reason, boasting about the lack of sleep has become an odd badge of honor.

Sketch #178 of 365