Agent Swift : First Draft

Agent Swift

Agent Swift

A first draft of page 1 inked. Not the final version tho. After the pencils were scanned, the inks were done in Photoshop with the help of a Wacom Tablet. It would take a few more tweaks from Jahan and Trevor until we reached the final version.

Character Designs

A story by Franco Villa based on some of my character redesigns.

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the Abominus cover for Special Story: Terrorcon Hunt .

Art by Simone Daraghiati.

Extra contents: the w.i.p. files!

Abominus is carefully based on the Liberation Epoch versions of the Terrorcons.

Art by Waseem Bashar.

Check out the stories so far to see what these not-yet-Decepticons are up to, read the notes to the cover for more details about the plot and, if you are an artist, join us to continue the saga!


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