Studies show that 1.5bn people worldwide are so inactive they are risking their long-term health. But fixing this problem could help save both people and planet. Inactivity is probably the fourth biggest killer in the world – yet it’s barely discussed. What do you think may be the solution to sedentary living that could save both the planet and people.

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Has Ontario Entered it’s Third wave?

The experts in the province’s hospital association science advisory table say that Ontario has entered the third wave, citing rises cases and variant spread. However health officials say it remains unclear how severe the third wave will be. Even though we are in the early stages of the third wave, the question is, did the second wave even finish?

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Virtual Events

With in-person gatherings restricted during the pandemic, conferences and trade shows are forced to go online. This completely changes how people connect with one another, and restricts networking opportunities. Have you participated in a virtual event or organized one? How would you make the virtual event experience feel more personal?

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Whatsapp Exodus

Many users are fleeing the messaging app WhatsApp after it’s announcement that it would begin sharing usage data with it’s parent company Facebook. The company has responded that it won’t reverse the policy but will only delay the update until May 2021. How do you feel about your browser and online history? Would you mind it that data was used and sold?

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Conscious Consumer

Recently there has been a shift in buying behavior which is pushing more shoppers online . Buyers are becoming more conscious and ethical. A balance of consumption benefitting both society and the environment has deepened since the start of the pandemic. Most are making changes to their lifestyles to lessen their consumerism and are careful not to purchase products manufactured by workers without rights. Is it possible to be a conscious consumer while on a budget?

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Essential Over Worked

A recent report found that Toronto essential workers do not earn a living wage. They simply can’t afford to live Toronto. The board of trade calculates there are about 330,000 workers who are overworked just to keep up with the housing market and how expensive it is. However even those who are earning living wage are working long hours. Are you feeling drained or starting to feel fatigue due to your workload?

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Career Risks

It seems that entire industries have been devastated by pandemic-related layoffs and changes in working conditions. Most people who have decided to have a career change have typically picked new roles where their old skills are still valid. With this calculated risk, would you consider a career change?

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Orange Day

Today is Orange Shirt Day is a national movement which invites all Canadians to wear orange shirts to acknowledge the history of residential schools. Residential schools inflicted on harm to Indigenous communities by taking children away from their families. This day was meant to honour those who survived. Are you strong enough to stand up for Indigenous rights and freedom?

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Comic Con 2020?

Los Angeles Comic Con just announced that they will go ahead with their event this December at LA the Convention Center with coronavirus safety measures. What is interesting that most people come back home sick from conventions in NON-pandemic years. Knowing that the pandemic is not over, would you still attend the Comic-Con?

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