Getting Help


You are the kind of person who does not like to ask for help? In the workplace, it may seem to show a sign of weakness. It may prove that you uncertain about your work. There is always a risk of rejection, anger and potential for diminished status in a place where we’re very keen to demonstrate expertise and competence. A lack of confidence can also make you uncomfortable to ask questions.

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Winter Driving


How well can you drive in winter? With icy and snowy conditions, most people say that snow tires are highly recommended while others say it depends on where you live and where you have to go. In any case, good driving practices help.

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Why is it so easy to put off important tasks? For example, why do we always feel like putting off that important phone call or minor repair on your house while you check facebook. It can seem harmless, but when it is directed at important things in our lives it can become a serious issue.

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