Exploring Space

Looking out into the night sky, other than the stars, space seems like a dark, vast nothingness. However there is so much to learn in terms of exploration. With manned missions into space and we are nearing a point where we will travel farther than ever before. We are set to discover things that are unknown, perhaps changing our understanding of Earth in our universe, science and also ourselves.

Star trek ship

Sketch #108 of 365

Day at the Spa

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation, but sometimes it isn’t possible in our daily lives. Outfitted with the latest in Spa Technology, these highly trained therapists can give you peace of mind and body. The mind control devices allow you forget your problems for while and sooth your pains from your rigorous day-to-day activities.

Sketch by Waseem Bashar

Sketch #87

The Manly Car

A manly car isn’t necessarily all about horsepower or raw performance numbers. They are considered manly because of their character, whether they’re among the fastest car in the world or the bulkiest on the freeway. Either way, you should always be proud of what you drive!

Ninjha Car

Sketch #86 of 365

Traveling Solo

Have you ever traveled alone? Sure you have! Traveling solo allows for a time of contemplation, self-discovery and an opportunity to meet new people. The independence gained by vacationing alone allows you to experience your destination exactly the way you want with no compromises.

Ninjha Solo

Sketch #74 of 365