Dangerous Jobs


Do you feel bored at work? If so, why not apply to one of the most dangerous jobs in the world? Toxic clean up. The working environments is guaranteed to keep your reflexes sharp, your adrenaline high.

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Air Travel

bashar 02

Airline travel is considered a relatively safe mode of transport  it is unlikely that you will ever be involved in a crash. However, before you book your flight, it’s best to research which airlines have minimized major accidents.

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Why travel to Space?

Most Space themed Scifi stories revolve around the idea that humans cannot remain on earth forever. In reality,the purpose of space exploration would give us an opportunity to discover new, habitable worlds, which would allow us to survive beyond the lifespan of this planet.


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Exploring Space

Looking out into the night sky, other than the stars, space seems like a dark, vast nothingness. However there is so much to learn in terms of exploration. With manned missions into space and we are nearing a point where we will travel farther than ever before. We are set to discover things that are unknown, perhaps changing our understanding of Earth in our universe, science and also ourselves.

Star trek ship

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