No Sleep for Anyone

During this pandemic do you find that everyone in your household is up until late at night. Bedtime and sleep routines have gone out the window as kids stay up past midnight. Also it seems to be messing with peoples’ ability to get a good night’s sleep. And sleep experts aren’t surprised by that.

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The State’s Mistake

As COVID-19 infections soar in the US, the White House fianlly admits “the virus is not going away any time soon — and will be around through the November election.” This comes after Florida confirmed 11,458 new COVID-19 cases. There are at least 190,052 total cases reported in Florida as most people are still in denial.

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Fallout Movie

It seems if a videogame is successful enough, it can make a great TV series. Fallout is about a group of survivors of a global nuclear war in the late 21st century that has decimated America. Is that the future or is that already happening with politicians in denial of the pandemic and reality?

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Video Game Industry

Have you ever tried entering the Video Game Industry but were rejected at every turn? Your problems may have started when your application was not accepted when you applied to that prestigious 3d university program. Or simply you just could not get a job in the industry for whatever reason. However not being able to get a job in the video game industry may have been a blessing, as reports about overworked employees and allegations of abuse are now being reported.

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Don’t waste a good crisis

Experts suggest that we use this time to upgrade our skills in this time of isolation. Preferably in something in the related to computer programming. Even though we have been granted time to learn new skills, do you find it hard to concentrate knowing what is happening around the world?

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Stock Markets during the Pandemic

In the beginning of the pandemic the stock markets crashed. Brokers were pulling out and stocks started to fall causing a stop to all trades. Now it seems like most stocks are up again and exceeded their worth pre-pandemic. It is highly doubtful that stocks will ever crash like that again, even though a second wave of Covid19 is coming. There is one lesson to learnt from all this, stocks don’t care who is sick, all it cares about is money.

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No Cure for Covid-19

As the anxiety over the spread of the coronavirus increases all over the world, there is still no cure for COVID-19. Although there are no drugs proven to help doctors treat the disease, it seems that work is under way around the world. The obvious question : why is there no cure? The simple answer: there’s too much we don’t know.

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