Skills you can use

Do you feel you are in a rut. It is important that you figure a way out, through skills that have value. There are a few ways to improve your value. Figure out what skills you have and how much companies are willing to pay for that work. You can learn valuable skills online for free and you can learn real skills which you can monetize. With this age of information, being ignorant is a choice!

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Getting Back to Good Habits

In time, you may have trained yourself to get into good habits, however life gets in the way, and somehow you lose your focus. How do you get back on track? It’s hard to stay you motivated, and excited. The best thing is to get rid of feelings of disappointment and frustration. There is no point on dwelling on negative emotions, as it will not help you to make any progress in life and get back on track. It takes a lot of strength but you have to leave the past in the past and focus on the future.

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Are You Charismatic?

Do you wonder why some people charismatic while others are not? Knowing how to be a charismatic person may be an important advantage in your professional life and your personal life. Everyone knows it is not something that you’re born with. You will have practice and cultivate it, just as any skill you have in life.

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Weekday Warrior

Do you enjoy your everyday life? Are you one of those people who are not anxious during the work week? Do you waste time just looking for weekend to start. You don’t feel tired on Monday, because your life is so well structured that these common worries do not apply to you. It could be because you truly have an Alpha personality!

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Fake Happiness

Although social media will make you believe otherwise, being truly satisfied with your life can be an immensely difficult thing accomplish. Social media makes achieving happiness a goal more pressure-filled than it should be. Perhaps this is why many people resort to fake happiness. Do you think are you fooling yourself as well? How can you tell if you’re doing the exact same thing?

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Vision and Follow Through

You probably have many incredible ideas and plans, but for some reason you unable to follow through with them. Your vision coupled with a follow through will make you a successful person. It’s hard not to let doubt cloud your mind along with becoming overwhelmed. Following through on a vision is always risky but if you succeed, your rewards can double.

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Resentment is a negative a feeling that is known harm you. It may be accepted to upset about something, but that feeling of resentment should not be constant. It may be difficult, but letting go of those negative feelings and thoughts will prevent you from focusing in the present. The negative feelings may lead to making bad decisions life decisions. You are strong enough to let go of your own anger?

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The Rut

Do you feel that life should get better and better as time goes on? If you are not feeling that, then you may want to set a new objective for this year. It should involve getting out of your comfort zone, something that you may be scared of doing and then dedicate your time and work to make it happen. This will prove that you are more than your current reality as you start to build momentum. With time and dedication, you can improve any situation.

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The Quick Witted Comeback

Do you often find yourself on the receiving end of a snarky remark? Is there a particular person who is always putting you down in front of others? It’s not easy to retort back in order to win, and unfortunately witty comebacks can’t be planned, they can only be made in the moment. Most often you are left surprised and unable to form a clever comeback. Two days later, you think of the ultimate comeback, but obviously by then, it’s too late. Timing is key the to everything and that means your witty answer must be as fast as the words that took you by surprise. The key to coming up with a ultimate comeback is to sharpen your listening skills so that you can respond at lightning speed.

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