Proud to be a Parent


Kids mostly drive parents nuts, but sometimes they can really surprise you. For example, they might be crazy at home, but at school they are straight A students. What made me realize how talented some kids are, was when my daughter received the award for Integrity. I must be doing something right!

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Is She Glancing at You?


Have you ever noticed at a party or a gathering that a particular girl is constantly looking at you. Whenever there was a conversion, I would always catch her looking at my direction from across the room.  I could see from the corner of my eye that she would look for my reaction to things people were saying. Maybe I was feeling extra confident that day.

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What Did She Say?


As I was walking up the stairs back to my office, I saw two of my co-workers hanging out in the lobby. One of them yelled out “I love Waseem!” or did she say “Hello Waseem!” She did follow up with saying “Seeing you made my week.”

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Video Chatting

Picture 34

With so much options and communications apps it’s easy to miss an instant message, an email or even a phone call. Have you ever received a FaceTime call, dismissed the notification, and then forgot the email or phone number? Happens all the time.

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Black Friday Weekend


Black Friday weekend in North America is considered one of the only times of the year when you can save money on big name products. Everything from electronics and name brand clothes. But is that really true? Also because that day when everyone goes shopping, it can make the whole experience stressful.

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