Living in Reality


Do you sometimes feel disengaged from your life and start thinking of someplace else? Accepting your life should be easy but sometimes we start to fantasize about something else. Failing to connect with reality is why it feels like life may have passed us by.

Sketch #188 of 365

No Excuses


Once you dedicate your time to something, there is really no excuse to complete the job. Do you usually find excuses for not completing a task? If you find you do, maybe it’s time to find out why and start doing something about it.

Sketch #187 of 365



A title taken from a great song with a great meaning. Do you want to be respected and your have you ideas to be accepted? It’s hard to ensure that people take you seriously. Knowing that it takes hard work, honesty and integrity there are specific actions which you must take.

Sketch #185 of 365



Why is it so easy to put off important tasks? For example, why do we always feel like putting off that important phone call or minor repair on your house while you check facebook. It can seem harmless, but when it is directed at important things in our lives it can become a serious issue.

Sketch #183 of 365