Importance of Sleep


Everyone knows that sleeping well is essential. It’s hard to insure a good night’s rest every night, even if your house work is done and your kids may keep you up, but maintaining good sleep habits is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

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Just a Collector


Are you one those people who collects something? Everyone has a different item they like to collect. What is it that attracts us to physical objects, like books, watches, shows or even cars? What is it about certain objects that  sparks our obsessive streak?

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Muscle vs Fat

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One of the concerns of aging is maintaining muscle to battle increases in fat. Studies reveal that the real effects of aging are happening on the inside of us. As we get older, it’s important to get in some exercise in our busy lives.

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Dress Shoes


It is said that shoes are the last thing we put on, but one of the first things that people notice. Most people prefer to wear worn-out sneakers because they prefer comfort over style. Dress shoes aren’t comfortable but are considered more stylish.

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Aging Well


It seems that genes are only part of the equation when it comes to aging. We all know that lifestyle choices are important. Things like diet, exercise, maintaining your body weight are all factors when it comes to aging well. What will you give up as you become older? Sugar, fatty foods or just exercise more?

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The worst thing about regret is that when you’re cruising through your happy life, it sneaks up on you. The things you screwed up or missed entirely suddenly hits you like ton of bricks. And at that point there’s no way to go back and correct things. For example, how much money and time you put in your crappy ’87 Plymouth Voyager. Don’t wait until you’re old, pondering about things you never got to do?

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