Why is it so easy to put off important tasks? For example, why do we always feel like putting off that important phone call or minor repair on your house while you check facebook. It can seem harmless, but when it is directed at important things in our lives it can become a serious issue.

Sketch #183 of 365

Short Story Intro

An amazing feat that this writer :iconm3gr1ml0ck: is able to combine the talents of different artists make these online comic come to life every week. Working with Franco for numerous years, I was lucky once again to work on one of his scripts. Based on his description, I came up with a layout which I thought best suited the story. I then scanned and then digitally inked and sent it on its way. It was then passed to Lau :iconhosanna9: colouring duties. This issue was posted on several Transformers sites around the world. What fun!






Penciled Artwork with Text

Before I start the artwork , the writer sends me a rough script with descriptions of what the scene should look like. Here’s an example of that method, straight out of my sketchbook. After the pencils were submitted, the author went ahead and started to write the dialogue. Once the artwork is approved I go ahead with the inks, however in this case the final art was completed by another artist. Here are my rough pencils.