Winter Driving


How well can you drive in winter? With icy and snowy conditions, most people say that snow tires are highly recommended while others say it depends on where you live and where you have to go. In any case, good driving practices help.

Sketch #193 of 365


Living in Reality


Do you sometimes feel disengaged from your life and start thinking of someplace else? Accepting your life should be easy but sometimes we start to fantasize about something else. Failing to connect with reality is why it feels like life may have passed us by.

Sketch #188 of 365

Cosmic Hero Character Grid

While creating graphics for the game Cosmic Hero, I had tons of ideas for the bad guys. First, I would sketch out designs and scanned the ones I thought were good. After scanning them, I inked and coloured the images in Photoshop. Here are the results. Are you fast and quick enough to beat them? Download the game here!


Harriette Character Design

Before we start to develop a game, we need to think of characters and graphics. I start of with the main character. This sets up the tone and scheme for the game. Here’s the intial concept. Scanned straight our of my sketchbook. Will post the digital inks and colours soon!