Your First Day Working From Home

So you’ve packed up all your things from your office, backed up necessary files and are now starting to set up your office from home. If you have never worked from home before, the first day can be an anxious one. If you have experience you will realize, the set-up may take a while.

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Time to Close

A strange time as everyone starts to prepare for eventual lock down. People from work are starting to hunker down and prepare their gatherings, back-up relevant data as they prepare for announcements to come from upper management. Students at school are starting to pack up their belongings and prepare for a very long March break.

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Career Change


Have you ever thought about training for new career late in your life? Even at 40, you may have at least spent two decades in your career. You have an enormous deal of experience by this point. Problem is, perhaps you don’t particularly like what you’re doing, or maybe you have realized you actually can’t advance any further and you fear a dead end.

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