Weather Conditions Around the World

It seems that extreme weather is sweeping the world, with devastating floods and wildfires on 3 continents at once. The past week we have seen extreme weather around the world. China and Europe are fighting flooding while the US, Canada, and Russia have huge fires. Although some events are seasonal, others came as a total surprise.

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Fragile Financially

Are you in a fragile position financially? Not many are familiar with a simple budget strategy. A simple measure is to calculate how much money you are making and track how much you are spending. It is difficult surviving with little to no money, so when you get paid, resist the urge to quickly to spend it.

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Money gone

Do you spend all your money the moment it goes into your account? Do you complain that you don’t have enough money, yet don’t know where your money goes? Tracking your expenses may be hard but not being able to afford anything, is harder. Make sure you know how much money you are unnecessarily spending on subscriptions and things you don’t need. That money could go towards paying off your debt. 

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Bad Money Spending Habits

We all have bad habits spending money on things that we want but don’t need. When you buy something you don’t need, it means you’ve been marketed to. Someone has convinced you to spend your money for your feelings of inadequacy. You are being marketed to all the time, corporations and marketing people understand this and know that people with low self esteem are quite profitable! Don’t let bad money habits put you more in debt.

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Winning Every Argument

It may feel like a great victory to win every argument, but when we prove someone wrong, most feel hurt and and start despising you. So in reality, you are just right and alone. It’s more important to work with people successfully and maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Finding the perfect answer may not be the solution always, but often the most acceptable solution is right.

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Luck isn’t Strategy

Some people rely purely on luck to guide their lives, when what they should do is understand that life is a probability game. The best thing for you to do is figure out is how to focus your energy on improving your own probability. Don’t leave probability and fate up to the universe . It’s difficult, but the moment you’re not planning the future for yourself, you will end up getting whatever is crumbs others have throw your way. Life is about control so try to get as much of it as possible. If you can control yourself and your environment, the future may become somewhat more predictable. With some control, you don’t need luck. Successful people don’t believe in luck, they don’t need luck.

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Your Unique Skillset

While it may be difficult not to blame others for your own failures, it may be easier to find out how to succeed. The first step is figure out how to gain skills that have economic value and ways to improve your value. Once you assess what skills you have, you can assess what people are willing to pay for putting those skills to work. Fortunately, you can always learn valuable skills free online that will translate into skills you can monetize. 

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