Key to Success

Many of us have the habit of taking advice from people who are not successful. For example, the key to wealth is to get a well paying job that pays a good salary. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that you won’t get rich working for someone else. Probably the best advice is that you need to be able to take responsibility for your situation, even if you feel the game is rigged against you.


Seems like parts of Canada are reporting their hottest temperatures on record in a wave that is expected to last into next week. This could pose a dangerous risk of heat-related illness, according to various weather networks. Toronto has already topped its all-time record high. Weather experts believe that temperatures are expected to taper off later in the week as heavy thunderstorms loom on the horizon. How do you plan on keeping cool this week?

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Emotional Responsibility

Are you afraid of disappointing people? Do you have a habit of putting your feelings second and compromising your values, commitments and time to spare the feelings of someone else? It is hard to realize, but their feelings are not your responsibility. Sometimes we choose other people over ourselves because of we fear that person will turn against us. Do you think it is wrong to protect your own feelings?

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