As the pandemic changes work-life, fresh challenges may lead some to question whether they’re doing a good enough job. Self-doubt can sometimes trigger an imposter syndrome. You may feel that success isn’t a product of your own abilities, although you may have proven yourself many times in your job. Don’t let it get you down, you just need to approach it differently.

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Unsafe September

For September, the premier of Ontario plans to have 78% students back in school against solid medical advice. That’s over 1.6 million students & staff at risk of covid. 1 billion dollars was already cut from the Education Building Maintenance fund and he ministry of education has no strategy for a safe return. They have left school boards fending for themselves. Would you feel safe sending your kids back to school?

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Return to Office

Despite safety and social distancing protocols, only a fifth of workers in Canada say they would willingly return to their physical workplace as soon as it is allowed. Others say they would return but only for a few days a week to limit interaction. Would you be comfortable going back to the office this Fall?

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Toxic Chemicals

If Fast Food wasn’t bad enough, new research shows that half of all take-out food packaging tested from several major fast food chains contain toxic “forever chemicals”. Testing revealed traces of toxic chemicals known as PFAS, in the food packaging of Burger King’s Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac, French fries, and cookies, and Wendy’s cookie bags. Will that stop you from buying fast food? Probably not.

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Cinemas Still Closed

Even though the government has announced indoor establishments can reopen in most of the province as part of its Stage 3. Cineplex says its employees “aren’t in a position” to open movie theatres in Ontario during the pandemic. Even if opened, would you be comfortable going to the movies?

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Stage 3 Openings

Restaurants, bars and gyms can reopen this week as outlined Stage 3 of Ontario’s recovery plan. However, there are some areas including Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Niagara Region, and Windsor to remain in Stage 2 until local health authorities deem it is safe to re-open.

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