A Measly $2 Increase

As the pandemic continues, grocery store workers in Canada are forced to show up for work. The corporations have decided to give their workers a pay boost of $2 added to their minimum salary. The grocery giants announced on Sunday it’s launching its ‘Hero Pay Program. CEO’s said in a statement “the company is humbled by the efforts its employees make every day.” But in reality I think we all know that these stores will crumble without its workers.

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Debunking Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

There are so many theories surrounding Covid-19. Those conspiracy theories seem to be designed on our own pre-established suspicions, so they may seem real. With everything showing up social media, misinformation have can spread just as quickly as COVID-19 does.

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Critical Workers

Are you considered a worker who supports critical services and are asked to report to work in-person? Isn’t it interesting that other than doctors and nurses, all of a sudden, grocers, repairmen and those working on frontlines are considered essential workers? Where are all the celebrities and athletes?

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The Weekend

As the weekend arrives during the first week of the pandemic, you might wonder, do you have everything you need to stay isolated in your house. Are people starting to hoard supplies at your nearest grocery store? Why is everyone buying a years supply of toilet paper and disinfectant wipes?

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Your First Day Working From Home

So you’ve packed up all your things from your office, backed up necessary files and are now starting to set up your office from home. If you have never worked from home before, the first day can be an anxious one. If you have experience you will realize, the set-up may take a while.

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Time to Close

A strange time as everyone starts to prepare for eventual lock down. People from work are starting to hunker down and prepare their gatherings, back-up relevant data as they prepare for announcements to come from upper management. Students at school are starting to pack up their belongings and prepare for a very long March break.

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Starting to shutdown?

Today the NBA has just announced they are shutting down due to fear of the CoronaVirus. Could this be a new trend that soon other sports organizations will start to close as well? The fear is could other things are around the world be shut down? How bad could this pandemic be?

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