Choose a Job or A Job will Choose You


Are you working at your job just to earn a paycheck? Everyone hopes that a job will lead to a career. Can your job, training and experience, lead you to an advance in pay or responsibility. In the end, is your work experience leading you somewhere or you are going from job to job with no plan?

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Talking too much



Do you feel sometimes you talk too much? When you talk out of nervousness or insecurity, you may reveal something personal, or something crucial to your career. It may result in a negative impact on your credibility.  Try to resist the urge to talk just to fill the silence. You may lose your standing ground or reveal vital information someone can use against you.

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Being Monitored


Do you feel that you are being monitored? Truth is, you should always assume that you are. Although it’s tough to know 100% for certain, companies can track you through the network even without installing anything on your computer. You just have to look for the signs.

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Your Desk Job


You ever work so hard you forget that there is a life out there? It’s easy to lose track of time while working on your desk? Does it always seems like you’re convincing yourself that this work is more important than people around you? One day, you’ll look back and won’t remember the work you did, but  realize that the time you could have spent with other’s is gone.

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A title taken from a great song with a great meaning. Do you want to be respected and your have you ideas to be accepted? It’s hard to ensure that people take you seriously. Knowing that it takes hard work, honesty and integrity there are specific actions which you must take.

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Why is it so easy to put off important tasks? For example, why do we always feel like putting off that important phone call or minor repair on your house while you check facebook. It can seem harmless, but when it is directed at important things in our lives it can become a serious issue.

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