Types of Jeans

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Jeans are versatile, comfortable and durable.  Probably the most essential item of clothing in any wardrobe. Funny thing is jeans are the probably the one thing that a guy can wear every day of the week without looking like he’s wearing the same outfit twice.

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The Latest Tech Toy


Trying to buy that hard-to-find, highly sought out new electronic device? Is it the new iphone, Super NES or the latest crazy fad. Get ready to stand in line because it’s usually on a first served basis, and any chance of receiving that item on launch day will require a combination of speed and luck.

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Exercise your Abs


Building your core foundation might be the key for getting stronger at a wide variety of movements. It creates a more stable, performance-ready frame. There are ton of exercises that target your abs and many of them can be done on the floor. How many sit-ups can you do in a row?

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Exercising at Home


Convenience seems like it’s a big part of working out. We all want the less amount of hassles and sometimes getting to the gym can be strain. And even if you get to the gym, you’ll find so many surrounding the free weights and pumping bicep curls in front of the mirror. Is it easier to work out from home? What if you don’t have the right equipment?

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Trying to Start Healthy Habits


Trendy diets and exercise fads may change over the years, but the important thing is to take care of yourself from starting today. A consistent healthy habit maintained throughout life is better for you now than starting them at 45, or picking it up again after sitting around for 10 or 15 years.

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Your Dreams


Ever dream of following your passion and not your stable job? Truth is, everyone wants to follow their dreams even though it may be less financially rewarding. Most are often unwilling to let go of the constant paychecks and upward advancements. How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams.

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