Stressed out?

We’re all stressed out. Everyone knows it and there are tons of data to prove it. Maybe it has something to do with our tech-heavy and deadline-obsessed lifestyle. It could be your home life or work life.  While there are a number of techniques to relieve stress, the trick is figuring out what works for you.


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Don’t get Stranded

Don’t get let your old car get you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Every person should be able to handle basic car maintenance. Learn how to check your tire pressure and change your tires. If you don’t know how to change your oil, at least know how to check it. You should be able to pop open the hood and know what you’re looking at, or least know when something is wrong.

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Is She Mad at you?

The longer you are in a relationship, the easier it becomes to read your partner’s emotions. You can start to figure out when she’s over the moon, under the weather, in a fog or any other mood that can be described involving the sky. You have also become attuned to when your partner is angry. Well at least, you thought you could tell when your partner was angry.

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Tips on Surprising Her

Sometimes you need to show your significant other, that you are thinking of her. Why not, once in a while stop by into her work and take her out for lunch? Maybe just stop by to say hello. Even if there is a giant spaceship about to land in the city, it would still be romantic.


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Confidence in Yourself

Have you ever wondered what drives a person to choose you in a relationship? If you are indirect, passive, someone who isn’t open about your feelings, you can make a relationship feel exhausting instead of fun. No one wants guess how you feel because no one wants to feel uncertain in the relationship. It seem the key is being direct and confident!


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Trip Questions and Answers

If you’re going on a trip with your significant other, there are so many questions to think about. How long will the trip last? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? The answers might be easy for someone with common sense, but for some people, these are the first obstacles to overcome before the plane takes off.

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