Bonita Applebum you Gotta Put Me on

Hey Bonita, glad to meet ya, For the kind of stunning newness, I must beseech ya!

One  of my favorite tracks by A Tribe Called Quest used the term bonita applebum to describe a woman whose quest in life is to make guys feel like men. These bonita applebums are the best of both worlds by being passive and authoritive.


Sketch #31 of 365

Warrior Princess

As the story continues, we find that our hero is only now, learning a few things about his warrior princess. A super sharpshooter who is obstinate. A warrior who gives you a run for your money and makes you work overtime on her. But does this make her more appealing? Can he hold on to her, or does she have other issues?


Sketch #29 of 365

The Rock Star

What is it about the “rock star status” that creates such a high interest in women? Our main hero wonders in our story. He also wonders, why is it that these guys can dress sloppy, break all the rules, show no respect for anyone or anything, and yet end up attracting women left and right?


Sketch #25 of 365