The Napping Home Intruder

A deep, sad and enlightening story. Thanks for sharing!


Returning from a trip, I came back one night to a big house all to myself in the middle of Winter in Montreal, many years ago. The family was still on a different continent. I put my passport, money and other valuables spread out on the dinner table by the kitchen, along with baggages nearby. After some dinner and TV, I turned on the house security system and went to bed with my bedroom door locked. I was very tired. This was the end of a 24 hour journey across the planet.

I woke up at 4am. I was jet lagged. I went downstairs and noticed the lights on the alarm system control panel were flashing. I started to worry. I went to the phone on the kitchen counter and saw on the call display that the alarm company had called in the middle of the night, as did a…

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Relax… have some juice

These concepts usually come out of conversations with fellow writers or musicians. Projects with ideas that need to be drawn out in storyboard. Here’s one concept of an simple everyday activity, as the main characters are taking some out, sitting down at the dinner table.


Sketch #3 out of 365