I asked the woman:”Is he dangerous?” She replied: “Sometimes.”

An interesting blog from my friend Riz1. Insightful stories about everyday life with twists and turns. Can’t wait to read the next entry!


This story is about the first problem I had to deal with as a superintendent of a building, in a rough neighborhood.

When I moved to this building, I was not ready for what was to come. Through a close friend, I got the opportunity to move into a building near my job, live nearly rent-free, while all I had to do was collect the rent once a month, listen to complaints from tenants and sweep/mop the floors once a week.

The apartment was newly renovated, so I was happy. Despite everything, I was still afraid. I had no idea who lived in the 14 other apartments, and I was afraid to find out. I didn’t do my laundry the first couple of weeks, didn’t sweep any floors and kept to myself, adjusting to a new place. I had taken a vacation from my day job, and just hid in…

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Designed a new App

Finished another app last month. Handled all the graphic design elements and programmed by my good friend Danial. In this game, all you really need to do is tap the gift boxes to make them jump to catch the fashion items. But you need to avoid the garbage and junk items. Sounds easy but can be quite challenging!


You can download the app from the links below:

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#Google  Android ( #Samsung  Galaxy, #HTC  One, #LG  G3, #Motorola  Moto G,#Sony #Xperia , etc.) –

Blackberry and Amazon #Kindle Fire (via Amazon Store) –

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