Cosmic Hero Hockey Team

There is no limit to franchise-ing your product, could be anywhere on anything, the trick is trying to expand your audience. While I am enjoying plastering the logo I created on all different products, it will be an interesting experiment to see which one gets a positive response.

cosmic hero hockey team

Not So-Social Media Page

Decided to try something with my social media page and tie in the App we created. Not as popular as I thought it would be. Actually it’s a pretty non-responsive, as there are no negative reactions or positive ones. Social media is a lot trickier than you would expect, so I congratulate those who have mastered it!


Harriette Character Design

Before we start to develop a game, we need to think of characters and graphics. I start of with the main character. This sets up the tone and scheme for the game. Here’s the intial concept. Scanned straight our of my sketchbook. Will post the digital inks and colours soon!




Cosmic Hero Viral Campaign

Introducing the The Cosmic Hero app tshirt… well doesn’t exist yet. We just released the app. It’s not doing as great as we expected. We’re just not getting enough downloads. Probably  due to not enough exposure, so I think I am going to try a different approach. We’re going to try a franchising different products with Cosmic Hero Branding. All satirical but you  never know, if we reach 1 ,000 000 downloads we actually might be able to produce these products.


Killer-Bots sketches

About to create a new music video for Riz1, but before we can even start, we need to design the characters. The video will be a sci-fi story about romance (does that even make sense?) Going through my sketches, we have narrowed down to these 5 designs. Once chosen I will go and re-tweak the design.